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DOHA's Recent Deals

Oct 18

From QR39 Perfect Your Meals with a Press-and-Measure Oil & Vinegar Dispenser! (Up to QR160 value)

84 items sold
Price 39 QR
You Save 41 QR
Full Price 80 QR
Oct 15

For QR89, Create Makeup Artwork with a 24-Piece Set of Makeup Brushes! (QR149 Value)

163 items sold
Price 89 QR
You Save 60 QR
Full Price 149 QR
Oct 14

For QR177 Take an Online Forensic Psychology Course! (QR1220 Value)

8 items sold
Price 177 QR
You Save 1043 QR
Full Price 1220 QR
Oct 13

For QR25 Satisfy That Craving with Your Choice of Delicious Mexican Food & Drinks! (QR50 Value)

237 items sold
Price 25 QR
You Save 25 QR
Full Price 50 QR
Oct 12

For QR87 Train Your Brain with an Online Course! (QR1846 Value)

36 items sold
Price 87 QR
You Save 1759 QR
Full Price 1846 QR
Jun 22

For QR24 Child/QR49 Adult Dine on a Delicious Iftar Buffet! (QR50/QR100 Value)

547 items sold
Price 24 QR
You Save 26 QR
Full Price 50 QR
Jun 15

For QR40 Get Delicious Food & Drink of your Choice at The Noodle House! (QR80 Value)

1053 items sold
Price 40 QR
You Save 40 QR
Full Price 80 QR
Jun 10

For QR200 Get 1 Tooth Filling OR for QR700 get Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening! (QR500/QR3500 Value)

124 items sold
Price 200 QR
You Save 300 QR
Full Price 500 QR
Jun 08

For QR99 Get a Foot Bath, Manicure & Pedicure at the Foot Care Centre! (QR250 Value)

831 items sold
Price 99 QR
You Save 151 QR
Full Price 250 QR
May 27

For QR59 Get a Comprehensive Service Check for your Car! (QR200 Value)

239 items sold
Price 59 QR
You Save 141 QR
Full Price 200 QR
May 25

For QR40 Get your Choice of Delicious Food & Drinks at Biella! (QR80 Value)

401 items sold
Price 40 QR
You Save 40 QR
Full Price 80 QR