Still no idea what we’re talking about? Read on!

What’s the difference between Subscribing and Registering?

By subscribing, you only submit your email address to receive our newsletters. However to become a member and purchase deals, you need to Register. Registration is free, and requires some additional info from you to create a member account. Once you become a member you will continue to receive our newsletters as well as have access to purchase the deals on offer.

Can I get a refund?

Get in touch with us and we will try to resolve the situation to your satisfaction as best as we can. Please note that all refunds related to our service will be handled internally by/from Qgrabs and not by the local business. We are a small (and awesome) business, so keep us in mind, read the fine print and deal details well and please think before you buy. For more info, please read our Refund Policy

When do vouchers/coupons expire?

Each deal will have a voucher with a set expiration date. You have from the day after your purchase date until the date of expiration to use it.

I bought a deal, Now What?

You will receive an email with a link to sign in and print your voucher with redemption instructions on it. If for some reason you do not receive an email, you can always access your vouchers by logging into your account. If you face any difficulty, simply contact us and we will help you access your vouchers directly from your account.

I didn’t receive an email confirmation after purchase; where is my Voucher/voucher code?

You can find your voucher/vouchers code and download it from your account online. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your name, click on it and from the drop down menu click on ‘My Vouchers’, here you can download your voucher/voucher code at anytime.

I lost my Voucher, where can I get it again?

Login to your account. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your name, click on it and from the drop down menu click on ‘My Vouchers’, here you can download your voucher or copy your voucher code anytime.

There was an error while making my purchase, my Credit Card was charged but I did not receive a Voucher, what should I do?

The purchase will be classified as a failed attempt as it may have been due to an Internet hiccup the page did not redirect you back to our website. Meaning, if after you enter your credit card info, there was any interference in connection or page closure which does not allow the payment page to redirect back to our website, the amount will be blocked in your card but the communication of payment will be lost and not registered on our website, therefore no voucher will be issued. Please be sure to check your account right away, and if you do not find any vouchers in your account contact us so we assist.

Can I buy a deal as a gift for someone?

Sure. You can simply send a gift to someone through, or buy the deal, print the voucher and gift it

Does it matter whose name is on the Voucher?

No. The vendor will redeem the Voucher to the bearer, so make sure you don’t lose it!

If the full value of the voucher is not used, can I credit the remaining value?

No; unless the deal fine print states otherwise. Please review the terms of the deal before making a purchase.

Can I combine my voucher with other vouchers I purchased from the same vendor?

No. The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers unless mentioned on your voucher under the Fine Print.

Can I combine my voucher with other offers/specials?

No. The voucher cannot be combined with other deals or offers/specials

Can I use my Qgrabs voucher with my friends who bought it too?

Definitely. Restaurant deals are usually 1 voucher for every 2 people. Please make sure you book in advance and you read the deal fine print to make sure you know what to expect

How can I get paid by referring friends?

Refer your friends using your personalized referral link. If they use your link and purchase within 3 days from registering and the total purchase amount is QR 50 and above, then we will credit you with 30 QR of Qgrabs Store Credit for you to spend once they make their first purchase. Please note that Conditions apply, so please review the terms and conditions for our referral program for full details

How many new people I can refer?

As many as you like, but you only receive referral credit for up to 10 referrals. Please review Terms & Conditions for more details on referrals

What if I get many referral links from a few different people; will everyone get the referrer_bonus once I click ‘Buy’?

Nope. The last link you click within 3 days from registering and before making your first purchase is the one who gets the reward. Choose wisely Grabbers!

Is safe for online payment?

Absolutely! We are a Norton/Digicert Secure Site and also a PayPal Verified Business. Online security is a priority in our line of work. Depending on your payment preference, your credit card number and details are transmitted by SSL directly via a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card or debit card information stored on our servers. We use the same stuff reputable online sites do! If we won’t use it we won’t let you! And if you still prefer not to use your credit or debit card, we accept paypal payments or cash!

Please note: If paying by PayPal, your credit card will be billed in American Dollars (USD) and your payment will be subject to the exchange rate of PayPal (hence the minor increase in price). Your Qgrabs voucher is redeemable in Qatari Riyals for the value listed on the website.

Need answers? If your question is about the deal itself, you may contact the vendor for reservations & deal related matters or simply email us.