The first site to use the power of group buying to offer amazing deals on something fun to do in Qatar!

Qgrabs.com launches and is the first to bring the Internet’s fastest growing retail phenomena: the group buying platform, to Qatar.

Qgrabs.com negotiates deals with businesses in Qatar that are only possible by guaranteeing a minimum number of sales. Customers only get the day’s deal if the specified number of people sign up for it.

By using the Web to give consumers buying power through grouping orders, Qgrabs.com is a great way to find fun things to do at affordable prices and bring new customers to local businesses.

As someone who has a passion for social living, co-founder Maya instantly saw the value in the e-commerce model and decided to launch a local daily deal site:

“I came across the concept of Group-Buying from a mere article I read online. I saw and knew how this model appeals to both the consumer (they get an awesome deal), the business (totally performance based with no upfront costs) and has that spark that really successful sites require. I knew this would be a perfect business model in Qatar; It was love at first… Deal! Simply put, Qgrabs is Qatar’s answer for NO MORE COUCH POTATO!”

Qgrabs.com features deals on the best of Qatar’s restaurants, tours, events, hotels, salons, spas, retail shops, and more. Targeted at the Doha urbanite who wishes he or she took more advantage of what the city has to offer, Qgrabs.com finds Qatar’s best experiences and offers them at a price that’s hard to ignore.

Qgrabs.com is powered by a sophisticated platform and plethora of technology for organizing collective purchasing. This allows people to sign up for a deal and only be charged if the tipping point is reached. This way customers know that they only pay if enough people join to get the offer.

Signing up to Qgrabs.com is free and open to all. Buyers can also subscribe to receive email alerts every time a new deal is advertised. Qgrabs.com encourages its fans to share daily deals with their friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, plan joint activities and take advantage of the low prices together.

Purchases are made by credit card or in the form of store credit. Successful transactions on Qgrabs.com receive an electronic voucher for the product or service to be redeemed directly with the business within an agreed timeframe.

When asked what are the benefits to businesses, Maya explained:

“The buzz and power of social media combined with exclusive branding as well as the certainty of a transparent and measurable return on investment, there is no better way or place for local businesses to create real customers than on Qgrabs.com. We aim to convert clicks into tangible results by guaranteeing footfall at no upfront cost.”

The website is modeled on Groupon, a site which has had a lot of buzz in the US and the Globe. The main difference here is that Qgrabs.com is 100% Qatar focused so deals will all be centered and catered for and around the local market, with a starting main focus on Doha.