Well, Daily Deals is the new rock & roll. It’s a great way for your customers to buy a ton of your stuff in just one day. Qgrabs will dominate this market-space here in Qatar because we know what we’re doing and Qatar will be our only focus. While others look to expand in countries and cities, we are focused on Qatar, and specifically the city of Doha; pure local buying power! If you’re a consumer: you get quality stuff at amazing prices If you’re a business offering a deal: you can sell high volume in just one day. Businesses realize Qgrabs is perfect for:

  • clearing slow-moving stock
  • grabbing new consumers and building customer relationships
  • brand promotion
  • increasing sales
  • selling perishables (time-sensitive items), such as cinema screenings, concert tickets, seasonal dishes & more…
  • no upfront payments, we get paid when you get paid.

Qgrabs is aimed at urbanites looking for fun and unique experiences primarily in Doha. Once they experience your product/service and love it, they will come back for more! More so, customers tend to purchase other items during voucher redemption. Daily Deals is the ‘in’ thing! People always want to pay less and businesses always want to expand their reach and bring in new customers; and Qgrabs is here to make that happen! Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing whether you are a business looking to grow or a customer looking for new experiences. We all use our social and business networks to help us choose our options. Qgrabs expands this viral flow by offering awesome deals to customers who can’t resist but spread the word to their friends; an urbanite’s innate behavior!