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  • Instructions for both Mac and Windows systems
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Option 1: Photoshop CC Course for 1 Person
Pay QR59 instead of QR437

Option 2: Photoshop CC Course for 2 People
Pay QR99 instead of QR874

  • Discover the tricks and skills of Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) with 8 different artwork projects!
  • Transform your normal photo to very artistic fine art photograph!
  • Learn how to create artistic Face and Body Text Effect Tutorial!
  • Explore how to create Splatter photo manipulation!
  • Create your own realistic background to liven up any image!
  • Discover how to Create Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop Using Screen Mode Option!
  • Understand how to retouch like a pro for perfect advertising images!
  • Learn how to create a Portrait Triangle Effect for more advanced photo manipulations!
  • Explore how to turn a personal photo into a sketch and then turn it into a colorful poster design!
  • Includes online exam and certification!
  • Complete the courses at your convenience for a year!
  • 12 months unlimited access to the online training material allows self paced learning from the comfort of your own home!
  • Project based learning approach for accelerated learning and practice!
  • Practice files provided!
  • Monitor your progress on a user-friendly interface!
  • Instructions for both Mac and Windows system!
  • Accessible on any device!
  • Software not needed for completion of training course!
  • Create your own professional portfolio using the latest design technology
  • Simply click on each product’s thumbnail at the Products page for courses detail such as table of contents, free videos, etc.

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8 Projects – Get To Work!

How do you learn the best? Try it firsthand. These 8 art projects are just waiting to teach you skills you can be proud of, with lovely art work as a bonus at the end!

Manipulate photos and your wallet with 89% off!


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Online Course

Chapter 1 – How to Transform Your Photo Into Artistic Fine Art

  • Intro – How Light Works
  • Work with Polygonal lasso tool to add depth of field
  • How to blend in the rain image
  • How to create realistic fog
  • Create realistic rainy text
  • Final fine art photo-manipulation

Chapter 2 – Artistic Face and Body Text Effect Tutorial

  • Intro – What we learn
  • How to create a Displacement Map
  • How to use Pen Tool Professionally
  • How to work with Channel and Replace Color Tool
  • Create Special Face and Body Text Effect (Free Preview)
  • How to make an Artistic Photo-Manipulation

Chapter 3 – Splatter Photo Manipulation

  • What You Will Learn During This Project
  • Work With Quick Selection Tool and Refine Edge
  • Vanishing with Content Aware
  • Quick Selection
  • How to use Liquefy Tool
  • How To Use Warp Tool
  • Clean the mess
  • Creating Splash by using brush presets
  • Working With Stamp tool
  • Complete the Splatter Photo
  • Work With Color Adjustment

Chapter 4 – How to Create Your Own Realistic Background

  • Intro – How to create your own realistic Background
  • Quick selection tool and refined Edge
  • Create your first background
  • How to create a custom shape background
  • Create an amazing 2 in 1 background

Chapter 5 – How To Create Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop Using Screen Mode Option

  • Intro To Create Silhouette Photographs
  • How To Isolate The Subject
  • Creating Double Exposure Effect (Screen Mode)
  • Frame Your Artwork

Chapter 6 – How to Retouch Lips like a Pro for Advertising

  • Intro – What you will learn
  • How to work with the pen tool
  • Work with blend mode and coloring options.
  • How to work with Gradient Color
  • Working on skin color
  • Adding lipstick to the page
  • Specify the lips by drawing the lines and masking the face
  • Changing the lipstick color to match it with the lips
  • Finish the project by masking the face

Chapter 7 – How to Create a Portrait Triangle Effect

  • Intro – what you will learn
  • Creating triangle Effect
  • Fixing the missing part
  • Creating Symmetry
  • Color Adjustment

Chapter 8 – How to Turn a Personal Photo into a Sketch and then into a Colorful Poster Design

  • Intro – What you will learn
  • How turn your photo into a sketch
  • Enhance the contrast of your sketch
  • Designing a poster background
  • Start working on the poster
  • Adding cloud brushes
  • Adjusting the color to finish the project

Bonus Chapter – How to Make a Clock Face

  • Intro To How Create A Clock Face
  • The Secret of Step and Repat Process
  • Adding Times
  • Create the Click-Hands
  • Different Clock Border for Your Design

Bonus Chapter 2 – Milky Text Effect

  • How to Start
  • How to blend in photographs
  • How to create special grass text effect
  • How to create realistic edges for the Text
  • Working with layer Style
  • How to create the Milky text Effect

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