Cat & Kitten Care Accredited Online Course!

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Cat & Kitten Care Accredited Online Course
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  • Find out why your cat arches her back or sticks out its whiskers. You can learn a lot from reading the body language – and decide your next move accordingly.
  • Choose the right cat for your lifestyle and look after her the best you can by understanding her every need and mood.
  • Find out the nutrition she needs as a kitten right through to old age.
  • Understanding your cat and her character will make you a better pet parent – you may look at your little meow monster in a whole new way after making your way through the modules!
  • Gain a competitive edge as an existing business or set up your own business through your increased knowledge of cats and their care.
  • Buying the course and planning to move? No problem! You can access the course from anywhere in the world
  • You’ll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area
  • You can buy the course now but start the course anytime within the one year period
  • We all have a busy life and we get it. You can study anytime you wish: late in the evening, weekends – whatever suits you better
  • You’ll get access to detailed video tutorials, practical examples and really useful tips.

See below for course outline!

Happy Meows with 97% off!



Course Modules:


Module 1: Choosing your Cat

  • Shelter vs Purebred
  • Adult vs kitten
  • Indoor vs outdoor
  • Choosing the kitten / cat
  • Making friends
  • Finding a cat-friendly vet

Module 2: The Healthy Cat

  • 2.1 What makes a healthy cat?
    • Mental stimulation
    • Express natural behaviors
    • Good condition
    • Good diet
    • Coat care
    • Preventative healthcare
    • Vet checkups / pet insurance
  • 2.2 Preventative healthcare

    • Parasite txts
    • Vaccinations
    • ID chips
    • Desexing
    • Dental Care
    • Older cat
  • 2.3 Mental stimulation

    • Importance of play
    • Training
    • Hunting food
    • Catio
  • 2.4 Express Natural Behaviors

    • Climbing
    • Scratching
    • Hunt
    • Hide
    • Safe environment

Module 3: Grooming

  • Normal grooming behavior
  • Over grooming behavior
  • Caring for your Cat’s Coat(brushing and combing/knots)
  • Clipping claws
  • Bathing

Module 4: Feeding

  • Meat Eating
  • Birth to Leaving home
  • Hunting behavior
  • Feeding preferences
  • Obesity and diets

Module 5: Litter Box Matters

  • 1 Normal toileting
  • Litter Box Success

    • Types of tray
    • Types of substrate
    • Siting and number
  • Litter box issues

    • Trouble shooting
    • De-oderizing

 Module 6: Cat Communication

  • Voice
  • Body Language
  • Marking

Module 7: Cat Behavior

  • Play and learning
  • Senses
  • Society
  • Aggression
  • Mating