Dog Behavior & Training Online Course!

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Dog Behavior & Training Online Course
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  • Know the power of NO; break your pet’s bad habits and learn to read his mind so you can respond correctly to his every need!
  • Course Coverage:

    • Get inside your dog’s mind and understand a dog’s behavior
    • Be a dog training ninja the fun way
    • Know how to correct problems with your dog’s behavior
    • Learn dog training techniques
    • Know what makes your dog happy
  • Buying the course and planning to move? No problem! You can access the course from anywhere in the world
  • You’ll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area


What You’ll Learn:

  • Before training dogs, you have to understand them; you’ll get to know how a dog thinks and what he’s really saying to you
  • Then you’ll know how to make clear and consistent instructions so your dog understands exactly what he is supposed to do
  • Tips and tricks from professional vets on reward-based training to make your dog want to work with you rather than fear you
  • The theory and practice of motivating your pet while making him more happy, secure, confident and well-behaved
  • You’ll get to know the benefits of how to crate train and how to clicker train
  • You’ll be able to nip problem behavior in the bud for a less stressful relationship
  • Finally, the ‘Advanced Command’ teaches you vital training exercises that put you in control in any awkward situations


See below for course outline!

Happy Woofs!


Course Modules:

Module 1: Dog Psychology

  • 1.1 Make your dog love you, not fear you
  • 1.2 Outsmart dogs by knowing how they think
  • 1.3 Provide challenges to match brain power
  • 1.4 Earn respect by knowing what dogs secretly crave

Module 2: Basic Training – Theory

  • 2.1 Become a training ninja and know how dogs learn
  • 2.2 Bringing the feel-good factor into training
  • 2.3 How to get the results you want
  • 2.4 Reward-based training so dogs adore you

Module 3: Basic Training – Practical

  • 3.1 Learn to be the best dog parent
  • 3.2 Stress-free bonding with clicker training
  • 3.3 Creating ‘me-time’ with a crate
  • 3.4 House training so no ‘accidents’ to clean up
  • 3.5 Build a common language through ‘Sit’
  • 3.6 Enjoy comfortable walks with lead training
  • 3.7 Save time by teaching your dog to ‘Come’
  • 3.8 Keeping calm when dealing with bad behavior

Module 4: Correcting Problem Behaviors

  • 4.1 Stop your dog being anxious or fearful
  • 4.2 Preventing aggression (and a potential lawsuit)
  • 4.3 Stopping bad manners so friends don’t avoid you
  • 4.4 Controlling barking so neighbors aren’t disturbed
  • 4.5 Enjoy meals without a dog begging
  • 4.6 Stop digging damaging your yard
  • 4.7 Reducing conflict through food guarding
  • 4.8 House soiling training for a cleaner house
  • 4.9 Make your dog happy around other dogs
  • 4.10 Break the annoying habit of jumping up
  • 4.11 Teaching dogs to leave valuable/harmful objects alone
  • 4.12 Reduce stress by calming your dog
  • 4.13 Staying positive when your dog winds you up
  • 4.14 Stopping the possessive streak
  • 4.15 Eliminate the dangers of pulling on the leash
  • 4.16 Stop the distressing signs of separation anxiety
  • 4.17 Don’t be that owner with small dog syndrome

Module 5: Advanced Training

  • 5.1 You decide when your dog barks
  • 5.2 Be in control by mastering Down/Drop commands
  • 5.3 Avoid conflict by teaching dogs to Come Away
  • 5.4 Stop pets scavenging or picking up things he shouldn’t
  • 5.5 Avoid embarrassing situations by using Give/Drop commands
  • 5.6 Distraction techniques to control behavior
  • 5.7 Prevent pets pestering through the power of No

Module 6: Make Your Dog Happy

  • 6.1 Mental stimulation
  • 6.2 Knowing the rules which lead to happiness
  • 6.3 The importance of play
  • 6.4 Learning to relax
  • 6.5 Praise as a motivator
  • 6.6 Diverting your dog’s attention to get what you want


Holly and Hugo courses are well presented and structured, with clear explanations, pictures and some include video tutorials that help you train in the procedures and techniques you’ll use when looking after many different breeds of dog, cats and other pets.