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Fitness Instructor Certificate Course
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  • A fit and healthy body leads to a sound mind! The overall state of our fitness has a huge impact on our daily activities; a great way to kickstart your fitness journey is by joining a gym, and following the instructions of a professional fitness trainer

  • The demand for bodybuilding among the younger generation is ever-increasing and if you are a gym enthusiast who wants to build a career in the fitness industry, taking a professionally devised certification course will give you an advantage! This Fitness Instructor Certificate Course: Gym Workouts & Bodybuilding is ideal for aspiring health buffs and bodybuilding trainers who to learn more about the topic

  • Through this course, you will learn the right ways to assess and design the perfect workout plan for your clients, moreover, this will equip you with the necessary knowledge to set up special bodybuilding diets and supplement intake for your trainees depending on their individual needs

  • Buying the course and planning to move? No problem! You can access the course from anywhere in the world!


Course Highlights:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a bodybuilding trainer
  • Understanding the major muscle groups and their growth
  • Basic workouts for strength building
  • Basics of bodybuilding diet coaching
  • Muscle growth techniques
  • Exercising to build endurance, flexibility and resistance
  • Client assessment
  • Setting-up an effective exercise and diet plan according to a client’s unique needs


See below for course outline!

Your first step into fitness!  



  • Personal Trainer Course Overview
  • Roles & Responsibilities

The Major Muscle Groups Explained

  • Muscle Anatomy Introduction
  • Quadriceps Explained
  • Hamstrings Explained
  • Calf Muscle Explained
  • Chest Muscle Explained
  • Back Muscles Explained
  • Shoulder Muscles Explained
  • Biceps Explained
  • Triceps Explained
  • Abdominal Muscles Explained

Muscle Growth Fundamentals

  • Common Muscle Growth Myths Debunked
  • Muscle Hypertrophy Explained
  • Progressive Overload
  • How Much Muscle Can You Gain in A Week/Month/Year

Client Assessment

  • Client Interview
  • Estimating 1 Rep Maximum Strength

Workout Design

  • Workout Design Overview
  • Adherence
  • The 4 Most Important Exercises For Beginners
  • How Many Isolation Exercises Should You Do?
  • Exercise Order
  • Volume: How Many Sets & Reps?
  • Intensity: How Heavy Should You Train?
  • How Often Should You Train?
  • The Ideal Rest Periods
  • Time Under Tension Explained

Sample Workouts

  • Sample Workouts Intro
  • 3 Day Beginner Routine
  • 4 Day Routine
  • 5 Day Routine

Exercise Videos: Compound Exercises

  • Exercise Videos Overview
  • Bench Press
  • Chest Press Machine
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Dumbbell Overhead Press
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Dips
  • Barbell Row (Different Grip)
  • Cable Row
  • ISO Row Machine

Exercise Videos: Isolation Exercises

  • Hammer Curls
  • Triceps Rope Pushdown
  • Calf Raise
  • Shoulder Front Raise
  • Shoulder Side Raise
  • Butterfly
  • Dumbbell Flyes

Setting Up A Bodybuilding Diet

  • Nutrition Overview
  • Calories Explained
  • How to Determine Your Calorie Maintenance Level (TDEE)
  • Ideal Protein Intake
  • Ideal Carb Intake
  • Ideal Fat Intake
  • What About The Remaining Calories
  • Determining Meal Structure
  • Quality Protein Foods
  • Quality Carb Foods
  • Quality Fat Foods
  • Adjusting Your Diet For Muscle Gains
  • Adjusting Your Diet For Weight Loss
  • The Perfect Pre Workout Meal
  • The Perfect Post Workout Meal


  • Supplements Overview
  • Top 3 Beginner Supplements
  • How To Use Protein Powder
  • How To Use Creatine
  • Beta-alanine
  • BCAAs

Rest and Recovery

  • Recovery Overview
  • Post Workout Recovery Routine
  • How To Break Through A Strength Plateau
  • How To Deload Correctly
  • The Importance of Sleep
  • 6 Tips To Fall Asleep Faster

FAQ and Miscellaneous

  • Should Men and Women Train Differently?
  • What Should You Eat Before Bed To Build Muscle?
  • Does Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Work?
  • What Should You Train On Your First Day At The Gym?


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