Holistic Herbal Healing Online Course!

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Holistic Herbal Healing Online Course
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  • The information in this course, paired with contemporary medicine, can help people live longer, happier, healthier lives
  • These practices have been passed down through Master Herbalists over thousands of years – and now you can learn online, in your home or anywhere in the world!
You’ll learn:
  • How to use herbs to improve your quality of life
  • Where to source herbs that are grown naturally
  • The proper way to store and process the herbs you’ll use
  • How to grow your own herbs
  • How to use herbs as complementary treatments
  • The history and traditions of Master Herbalists


  • Learn everything you need to confidently and competently tackle every renovation project with this comprehensive course
  • Once you enroll you’ll get access to your user area where you’ll immediately find all the materials you need to complete the course
  • The exams will test if you’ve learned the information on each module. All exams will be done online and no paperwork is required
  • From the moment you start your course you’ll have 45 days to complete it. You can get an extension if you need more time
  • Buying the course and planning to move? No problem! You can access the course from anywhere in the world
  • You’ll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area
  • You can buy the course now but start the course anytime within the one year period
  • We all have a busy life and we get it. You can study anytime you wish: late in the evening, weekends – whatever suits you better


Herbs and healing done right with 90% off!


Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Essential home remedy kit
  • 1.3 Growing your own medicine

Module 2: Mind, Emotions And Nervous System

  • 2.1 Disorders of the mind and emotions
  • 2.2 Stress
  • 2.3 Healing highlight: Rose
  • 2.4 Nervous system
  • 2.5 Healing highlight: Rosemary

Module 3: Digestive And Urinary System

  • 3.1 Digestive system
  • 3.2 Healing highlight: Dandelion
  • 3.3 Healing highlight: Milk thistle
  • 3.4 Urinary system
  • 3.5 Healing highlight: Nettle

Module 4: Respiratory System And The Skin

  • 4.1 The respiratory system
  • 4.2 Healing highlight: Lavender
  • 4.3 The skin
  • 4.4 Healing highlight: Calendula

Module 5: Heart And Blood Health

  • 5.1 Heart attacks
  • 5.2 Nourishing the heart
  • 5.3 Healing highlight: Hawthorn

Module 6: Bones, Muscles, and Joints

  • 6.1 Disorders of the bones, muscles, and joints
  • 6.2 Healing highlight: Comfrey

Module 7: Eyes And Ears

  • 7.1 Disorders of the eyes and ears
  • 7.2 Healing highlight: Fennel

Module 8: Women’s Health

  • 8.1 Menstrual cycle and fertility
  • 8.2 Pregnancy
  • 8.3 Breastfeeding
  • 8.4 Menopause
  • 8.5 Healing highlight: Motherwort
  • 8.6 Healing highlight: Sweet violet

Module 9: Babies And Children

  • 9.1 Treating children
  • 9.2 Healing highlight: Chamomile
  • 9.3 Final thoughts


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