Kids Coding - Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript Online Course!

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Kids Coding – Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript Online Course
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  • Get your kids started on this superb introduction to coding course, which can turn their hobby and fascination into a rewarding skillset and career.
  • Not only is this course fun and intuitive, it could set them on the way to becoming a computer programmer, with an average salary of £78k a year!
  • Programming is one of the most in demand skills in the world right now, and in a few years’ time, it will be like a second language to most people – so give your child a head start today!
  • Coding is being input into the UK curriculum, such is its important in today’s technology and web-driven society. 
  • Advantages: 

    • Course materials have been developed to be immersive for children and adapt to their learning style.
    • Interactive and fun course keeps kids engaged as they learn to code.
    • Have the technical skills.
    • This course is taught by a highly-experienced trainer.
    • Help kids to learn how to code and build webpages from an early age.


  • You can access the fascinating and instructive videos on any internet enabled device at any time you like – there’s no timetable to stick to so you can work your way through the course at your own pace.
  • Learn through a variety of resources that you can print, repeat, fast-forward and rewind to process at your own pace.
  • This course is perfectly structured to teach you how to combine fabrics and patterns using basic equipment to create your very own stylish garments.
  • Access the complete course content via computer or smartphone using a web browser.
  • 12 months unlimited access to everything.
  • Technical support available 24/5 via email, telephone and online chat. 




Start young in coding with 94% off!


The key topics that this course will cover are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Get an introduction to programming and programming language and how important it is
  • Cover the basics of coding languages covered in the course
  • Learn the various components of the HTML coding language
  • Make your website and webpages come alive and be aesthetically pleasing using CSS which will set the visual style of your user interfaces
  • Develop dynamic, interactive webpages and online programs using JavaScript
  • Build your skills, culminating in the final project of building a functional website

The coding languages listed above form the basis of pretty much everything we see on the internet, they’re known as the “web trifecta”. Giving your child those skills will give them a lot of things to learn, as well as giving them the skills to pursue web design or coding as a career.


Units of Study:

  • Introductions to programming language
  • What languages we will be learning
  • First coding
  • Lets code something fun
  • Congratulations!
  • Differences of coding languages
  • Programing languages 2
  • Programing basics part 1
  • Variables
  • Types of variables INT
  • Float Variables
  • Boolean variables
  • Characters
  • User input and output
  • User input
  • Co-ordinates
  • Math
  • How computers do math
  • Modulo and exponents
  • If statements
  • The condition in the if
  • If and else statements
  • If else statements
  • Conditions greater than
  • Less than
  • Equals
  • Does not equal
  • Conditions and oporators
  • Or opporators
  • Multi conditional statements
  • X y cordinates in ifs
  • Loops
  • For loops
  • Do while loops
  • Breaks in loops
  • Arrays



  • Finding the real time HTML editor
  • Talking about the editor and !DOCTYPE
  • Adding an html and body tag
  • Adding the paragraph tag
  • Adding headers and talking about different headers
  • Talking about text formatting in the editor and in the output
  • Adding breaks to the code
  • Adding in text formatting
  • Adding in strong text
  • Adding in other text formatting
  • Variables
  • Styling link text
  • Adding an image
  • Editing the height and the width of an image
  • Adding the alt property to an image tag
  • Adding a clickable link to an image
  • Comments
  • Tables
  • Tables, adding columns
  • Adding rows to tables
  • How to comment effectively
  • Talking about code complexity
  • Adding a table header plus editing the text with takes
  • Un ordered lists
  • Ordered List
  • Lists within lists
  • Definition lists
  • Adding unordered lists to definition lists
  • Playing around with HTML
  • Title Tags
  • Div tags
  • Talking about block level and inline level an span tags
  • HTML
  • Test #1 Solution
  • Test #2
  • HTML
  • Test #3
  • Test #3 solution
  • Test #4
  • Test #4 solution
  • Test #5
  • Test #5 solution
  • Test #6
  • Test #6 solution
  • Test #7
  • Test #7 solution
  • Test #8
  • Test #8 solution
  • Test #9
  • Test #9 solution
  • Forms
  • The password input type
  • The color input type
  • Date input type
  • Adding in a file input type
  • Range input type
  • Adding in a search field
  • Adding in a submit button
  • Adding in radio button input types
  • Adding in a checkbox input type
  • Introduction to styles
  • Paragraph styles
  • Adding in the background color and multiple attributes
  • Aligning text
  • Adding in a margin of both left and right
  • Adding styles to a table
  • Aligning a table to the center
  • Adding in a margin to the table
  • Changing the width of the style points
  • Changing the font in the style
  • Cleaning up the project and changing the colors with numbers
  • Adding in columns with table and building a website
  • Adding in the previous style attributes
  • Changing the cell color
  • Changing the cell width
  • Changing the colors back to the original color
  • Align the text vertically to the top
  • Talking about the sizes and being aware of bigger size
  • Adding in a table header to the columns
  • Adding the content
  • Time to make your own website
  • Saving your HTML website
  • Test 1
  • Test 1 solution
  • Test 2
  • Test 2 solution



  • Introduction to CSS
  • Talking a little more about css
  • Everyday gestures and their significance
  • Talking a bit about the JS bin website
  • Lets get our hands dirty and talk about CSS
  • Adding some more CSS code
  • The power of CSS
  • Setting colors to RGB values
  • Adding a background image
  • More background image options
  • Aligning text
  • Text transform
  • Indenting text
  • Text decorations
  • Changing fonts in CSS
  • Serif fonts, sans-serif fonts and monospace fonts
  • More fonts like cursive and fantasy
  • Font – styles
  • Other ways to use the font family
  • Adding bold weight to your fonts
  • Fail safe fonts
  • Adding in styling points to other tags
  • Changing the list style type for un ordered lists
  • Changing ordered lists styles
  • Adding a image as the list item
  • Tables in CSS
  • Adding in style points to tables
  • Changing the width and height of the table cells
  • Changing the background color in tabkes
  • Table padding
  • Adding a background image to a table
  • A tags
  • Changing Colors
  • More about a tags
  • Padding, border, margin
  • Border style
  • Border styles continued
  • Opacity
  • Adding the class id
  • Div tags and CSS
  • Span tags
  • Changing table tags
  • More adjusting on tables and class ID
  • Adding more class IDs to tables
  • Class ID table header
  • Class ID with unordered lists
  • Orderlists and classes
  • List item class IDs



  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • More fun with the console
  • More fun with the console
  • More fun with the console to uppercase to lowercase
  • More on methods and brackets
  • Random numbers
  • More on rounding
  • Minimums and maximums
  • Exponents
  • Javascript and HTML
  • Printing text to the screen
  • Buttons and calling javascript code
  • Javascript functions
  • Adding script tags and talking about similar named functions
  • Comments and their importance
  • Changing the text
  • Changing the header text
  • White Spaces
  • Variables
  • More fun with variables
  • Declaring more than one variable per line
  • More fun with variables
  • Math with variables
  • Changing the color of the text
  • Income calculator
  • Income calculator 2
  • Income calculator – adding more functionality and comments
  • Adding more realistic gures
  • Adding in more expenditures
  • Adding in more functionality
  • Making a new app
  • Finalizing the money app
  • If statements
  • How an if statement works
  • Else statements
  • Else if statements
  • Greater than and less than in if statements
  • Greater than and equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Multiple conditions
  • Or operator
  • Strings and if statements
  • Objects
  • Objects properties
  • More on Object properties