4-Week Kids Summer English Workshop!

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Fine Print

  • Valid for 12 pre-scheduled classes (3 classes per week) starting on Thursday, 13 Jul 2023
  • Registration for the workshop is on or before 12 Jul 2023
  • Workshop Timings: Sun, Tue & Thu: 2pm – 4pm
  • Venue: ETIC Training Center
  • ONE voucher per person; multiple vouchers may be purchased as gifts
  • Valid for kids ages 7 – 12yrs old
  • A local certificate shall be issued upon completion of the course
  • For registration and further information, please call: 6000 4549 / 3316 7630
    or email: [email protected] OR [email protected]
  • Merchant cancellation/rescheduling policy of 24 hours applies
  • Voucher cannot be split or shared; must be used only for the pre-scheduled classes
  • Not valid with other offers
  • No cash value/No cash back/No refunds
  • Present printed voucher on arrival
  • Please contact the training center to register once you have purchased your voucher

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4-Week Kids Summer English Workshop
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  • The English Summer Workshop for Kids aims to enhance children’s English language skills through interactive & engaging activities!
  • The workshop will focus on improving their reading, writing, listening, & speaking abilities while fostering creativity & confidence in using the English language


Through this workshop, kids will:

  • Improve their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English
  • Enhance their vocabulary & develop a stronger command of the English language
  • Cultivate a love for reading & literature through engaging activities
  • Boost their confidence in English communication through interactive exercises & games
  • Foster creativity & critical thinking through writing a& storytelling
  • Develop effective study skills & strategies for independent learning


See the full 4-week workshop outline below!

Explore, Communicate, & Connect!


Week 1: Introduction to English Language Skills


Session 1: Icebreaker and Course Introduction

  • Getting to know each other
  • Overview of the course objectives and expectations

Session 2: Reading Fun

  • Introduction to reading strategies
  • Interactive reading activities and comprehension exercises

Session 3: Creative Writing Adventures

  • Developing storytelling skills
  • Writing exercises and prompts to spark creativity

Session 4: Listening Comprehension

  • Enhancing listening skills through audio clips and short stories
  • Follow-up comprehension questions and discussions


Week 2: Exploring Vocabulary and Grammar


Session 6: Vocabulary Building

  • Learning new words through games and activities
  • Contextualizing vocabulary in sentences and short paragraphs

Session 7: Grammar Basics

  • Introduction to basic grammar concepts
  • Practice exercises and interactive grammar games

Session 8: Word Play and Puzzles

  • Engaging in word games, puzzles, and riddles
  • Reinforcing vocabulary and grammar knowledge in a fun way

Session 9: Creative Writing Workshop

  • Guided writing exercises to develop descriptive writing skills
  • Peer feedback and revision techniques

Session 10: Storytelling Showcase

  • Students share their creative stories in an interactive storytelling session
  • Encouraging presentation skills and self-expression


Week 3: Cultural Immersion and Language Practice


Session 11: Exploring English-Speaking Countries

  • Introduction to different English-speaking countries and their cultures
  • Discussing traditions, landmarks, and famous personalities

Session 12: Reading Comprehension Practice

  • Reading passages related to different cultures
  • Comprehension questions and discussions

Session 13: Language through Arts and Crafts

  • Engaging in hands-on arts and crafts activities related to language learning
  • Vocabulary reinforcement and creativity enhancement

Session 14: Language Games and Quizzes

  • Interactive language games and quizzes to reinforce learning
  • Group activities to encourage teamwork and healthy competition

Session 15: Storytelling with a Twist

  • Using drama and role-playing to bring stories to life
  • Acting out scenes and enhancing speaking skills


Week 4: Project Presentation and Wrap-Up


Session 16: Project Preparation

  • Group project assignment related to a chosen English-speaking country
  • Research and planning for the final presentation

Session 17: Project Development

  • Collaborative work on the group project
  • Language practice and refinement of presentation skills

Session 18: Project Rehearsal

  • Rehearsing the group project presentations
  • Peer feedback and final adjustments

Session 19: Project Showcase

  • Groups present their projects to the class
  • Q&A session and feedback from peers and instructors

Session 20: Course Reflection and Certificates

  • Reflecting on the learning journey and accomplishments
  • Awarding of course completion certificates


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