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Photography Masterclass Online Course
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  • Whether you’re hoping to develop a career in the field, or you’d like to complete the course for personal benefit, this complete guide to photography will ensure you know the difference between aperture and autofocus in no time at all!

  • Boost your confidence and gain some of the essential skills and know-how required to succeed and watch your business flourish.
  • Learn new techniques and build on existing skills by working your way through the modules that make up this exciting course, where you will cover topics including composition, lighting and shooting images manually.



  • Buying the course and planning to move? No problem! You can access the course from anywhere in the world.
  • You’ll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area
  • You can buy the course now but start the course anytime within the one year period
  • We all have a busy life and we get it. You can study anytime you wish: late in the evening, weekends – whatever suits you better
  • You’ll get access to detailed video tutorials, practical examples and really useful tips

See below for course outline!

Develop your snapping talent at 94% off!



Units of Study: 

Introduction to the Course:

  • What will you learn in this course & who is it for?
  • Dive In! How does camera exposure work in under 3 minutes!
  • Success! How will you succeed in this course?
  • Course Requirements – what do you need to take this course?
  • Who are we – the instructors?
  • Map to Success – What are you interested in learning?

 Photography Basics

  • Introduction to the Photography Basics section
  • A brief history of photography
  • The longer version of the history of photography
  • Modern photography – where are we today?
  • From iPhone to fancy DSLR: the basic photographers toolbox
  • Conclusion – what did we learn in this section?

Understanding the Camera

Drop Auto – Learn to Shoot Manually

Composition – Shoot Better Photos

  • Introduction to the Composition section
  • What is composition?
  • The rule of thirds
  • When to throw out the rule of thirds
  • Rule of Thirds: Visualized
  • Perspective: changing your angle
  • Perspective: Visualized
  • Live Demonstration – Getting Great Compositions
  • What’s the Mood of your photo?
  • Wide Angle vs Telephoto & Zoom
  • Wide vs. Telephoto Lenses: Visualized
  • Choosing a background
  • Panoramic compositions
  • How to position your subject
  • Focus on the details
  • Using depth of field creatively
  • Colors – think about how colors affect your photos
  • Black & White photos – adding emotion by subtracting color
  • Practice – Go on a photo adventure!
  • Phil’s Photo Walk – Let’s look at his photos!
  • Conclusion – what did we learn in this section?
  • Bokeh – What is it? How to achieve it?
  • What is Macro Photography?

Live Demonstrations – Real & Raw Hands-On Photography

Quick Tips for Better Photography

Lighting – How to light your photos

Using Stabilization – Tripods, Monopods, more?

Long Exposure Photography

  • Section Intro
  • What is Long Exposure Photography
  • Gear You Need for Long Exposures
  • Camera Settings for Long Exposures
  • How to Set Shutter Speed
  • How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos with an iPhone
  • Live Demonstration of Long Exposure Photography Part 1
  • Live Demonstration of Long Exposure Photography Part 2
  • Editing Long Exposure in Lightroom 1
  • Editing Long Exposure in Lightroom 2

Smartphone Photography – Take better photos, the selfie way!

Purchasing a Camera & Additional Equipment

  • Introduction to the Purchasing a Camera section
  • How to purchase a camera – what’s your goal?
  • How to build your complete camera kit
  • Where should you buy a camera?
  • What’s in our camera bag?
  • Memory Cards
  • Lenses & Filters
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Stabilization – Tripods, Monopods, Gorillapods
  • Flashes & Lighting
  • Camera Cases & Bags
  • Practice: Put together your camera kit!
  • Conclusion – what did we learn in this section?

Lenses – Diving deep into lens types and styles

  • Introduction to the Lens section
  • What is focal length?
  • What standard lenses should you have?
  • Depth of Field – Revisited
  • What are our favorite lenses?
  • Fisheye lenses
  • Tilt shift (aka swing shift) lenses
  • Tilt-Shift Video Example
  • Polarizing, ND, and UV filters
  • Polarizing Filter: Visualized
  • Conclusion – what did we learn in this section?

Photo Editing in Lightroom

Photo Editing in Photoshop

Editing Photos in iPhoto

Make Money with Photography

Selling your Photographs – Where to sell, licensing tips, and more!

Wedding Photography

Canon Camera Overview & Settings

Nikon Camera Overview & Settings

Sony Camera Overview

Fuji Camera Overview





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