Snap Magic Bundle: Power-Up your Photography Online Course!

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Snap Magic Bundle: Power-Up your Photography Online Course
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  • Unlock your creative potential with this comprehensive Photography Online Course Bundle!
  • This expertly curated program covers essential tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Canva and Digital Art, perfect for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Gain the skills you need to excel in graphic design, digital art, and photo editing with our step-by-step courses.


Adobe Photoshop

  • Learn the fundamentals of graphic design principles.
  • Understand core design concepts and techniques.
  • Master the essential tools and features of Photoshop.
  • Explore why Photoshop is the preferred tool for designers.
  • Get introduced to Illustrator and learn the basics of typography.
  • Design professional logos using Illustrator.
  • Study the basics of creating impactful logos.
  • Learn to create stunning print designs with InDesign.


Adobe Illustrator

  • Overview of Illustrator and its interface.
  • Learn how to effectively use selection tools.
  • Master the pen tool and its associated features.
  • Utilize the typography tools to enhance your designs.
  • Detailed guide on using Illustrator’s drawing tools.
  • Explore creative possibilities with the paintbrush tools.
  • Learn precision drawing with the pencil tools.
  • Correct and refine your designs using eraser tools.
  • Master the art of rotation and reflection in designs.
  • Understand how to manipulate shapes with liquify tools.
  • Combine shapes and paint live areas with ease.
  • Create accurate perspective designs.
  • Add depth and dimension with the gradient tool.
  • Seamlessly blend objects together.
  • Utilize advanced technical tools for precision.
  • Incorporate symbols into your designs.
  • Create and manipulate graphs in Illustrator.
  • Learn to slice and prepare graphics for web use.
  • Enhance your designs with color and drawing modes.


Adobe Lightroom

  • Comprehensive guide to Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Master the modern version of Lightroom.
  • Learn to edit and submit professional-quality photos.


Graphic Design Using Canva

  • Integrate Adobe Colors into your designs.
  • Create stunning designs with Canva.
  • Enhance your photos with basic editing techniques.
  • Advance your Canva skills to professional levels.
  • Learn to create 3D mockups using your mobile device.


Digital Art: Sketching in Photoshop

  • Integrate data files in your creative projects.
  • Utilize Pandas for data manipulation.
  • Visualize data with Matplotlib.
  • Perform arithmetic operations with NumPy.
  • Add custom brushes to Photoshop.
  • Master the layers panel for complex designs.
  • Source and utilize reference images.
  • Break down reference images into simple shapes.
  • Practice with warm-up sketches.
  • Create detailed sketches.
  • Polish and refine your sketches.
  • Watch a full sketching demonstration.
  • Advanced data file integration with NumPy.
  • Gain insights from CSV data files.


Photography made easy!


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