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Visual Storytelling and Activities Training Online Bundle
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  • In this course, you will explore different types of games, including icebreakers, energizers, simulations, and case studies. You will also learn how to get buy-in, deal with reluctant participants, troubleshoot games, and create your own games. To top things off, we will give you four activities that you can customize and re-use in your own training sessions.

  • In this course, you will learn how to use storytelling to engage the hearts and minds of your audience.

  • You will familiarize yourself with strategies that can help learning to stick with the audience in an effective and meaningful way. ou will learn how to keep learners focused and motivated to absorb material. Also, you will learn ways to develop an effective training style, using appropriate training aids and techniques.
  • In this course, you will learn the basic skills that every trainer must have. This includes dressing appropriately, being assertive, being genuine, communicating well, connecting with people, handling difficult participants, and a desire to learn. At the end of the course, you’ll review a list of do’s and don’ts and consider your next steps. 

  • Study at your own pace with 24/7 availability on any computer or smart phone.
  • Once final course assessment is complete, you’ll receive a certificate
  • No expiry date on your course access – unlimited lifetime access.
  • Technical support available 24/5 via email, telephone and online chat.

Learn how to use humor and drama to tell a story and manage your audience at 93% off!


Course 1 - Using Activities to Make Training Fun 

Session 1: Course Overview

  • Learning Objectives
  • Pre-Assignment Instructions
  • Your Assignment

 Session 2: Let’s Have Some Fun!

  • The Four Steps in Experiential Learning
  • The Principles of Adult Learning
  • The Value of Games
  • Tips for Success
  • Favorite Games

 Session 3: Getting Everyone on Board

  • Getting Buy-In
  • State Objectives
  • Rules
  • Preparation
  • Learning From the Truly Greats and Big Mistakes

 Session 4: Choosing the Right Game

  • Types of Games
  • Facilitator Responsibilities
  • Dealing with Reluctant Participants

 Session 5: When Games Go Badly

  • Troubleshooting Games
  • Difficult Situations

 Session 6: Using Humor in Training

  • Being CREATIF

 Session 7: Wavy Lines

  • Activity
  • Debrief

 Session 8: Quick and Easy Games

  • Why These Games?
  • Hot Potato
  • Passing Introductions
  • The Orange

 Session 9: Creating a Game

  • Procedure for Game Design
  • Game Design Worksheet
  •  A Personal Action Plan
  • Starting Point
  • Where I Want to Go
  • How I Will Get There

Course 2 - Developing a Training Needs Analysis

Session 1: Course Overview

  •     Learning Objectives
  •     Pre-Assignment

Session 2: A Closer Look at the Training Needs Analysis

  •     What Is It?
  •     Fitting Into the Plan and Future Growth
  •     The Program’s Role
  •     Support From Within
  •     Developing the Business Case
  •     The Essential Elements, Part One
  •     The Essential Elements, Part Two
  •     Process Overview – The ICE Method
  •     When is Training Not Appropriate?
  •     Three Steps
  •     Step One: Isolating
  •     Step Two: Consulting
  •     Step Three: Evaluating
  •     Summary

Session 3: Collecting Data

  •     Step One: Identify the Future State
  •     The First Step
  •     Case Studies
  •     Defining the Future State
  •     Sample Project: Improve Response Times to Customer Inquiries
  •     Step Two: Identify the Current State
  •     Sample Project: Improve Response Times to Customer Inquiries
  •     Step Three: Measure the Gap
  •     Step Four: Create an Action Plan
  •     Step Five: Implement and Follow Up
  •     Making Connections, Part One
  •     Making Connections, Part Two
  •     Task
  •     Pre-Assignment Review

Session 4: Diving Deeper Into the Data

  •     So Many Questions
  •     Data Collection Design
  •     Gathering Information
  •     Training Needs Analysis Questions
  •     Designing Valid Questions
  •     Adding Value to the Process
  •     The McKinsey 7S Model
  •     The 7S Framework
  •     About the Elements
  •     SWOT Analysis
  •     Sample SWOT
  •     Five Whys
  •     Making Connections, Part One
  •     Making Connections, Part Two
  •     Task One
  •     Task Two
  •     Task Three

Session 5: Creating the Report

  •     Essential Elements

Session 6: Taking Action

  •     Making Connections, Part One
  •     Making Connections, Part Two
  •     Making Connections, Part Three
  •     Making Connections, Part Four
  •     Designing Evaluations
  •     Evaluation Levels

A Personal Action Plan

  •     Starting Point
  •     Where I Want to Go
  •     How I Will Get There

Course 3 - Training with Visual Storytelling

Session 1: Course Overview

  •     Learning Objectives
  •     Pre-Assignment

Session 2: How Storytelling Can Boost Your Training Power

  •     Setting the Stage
  •     Training vs. Meetings
  •     Focusing on What’s Important
  •     The Golden Circle
  •     Connecting to the Why, Part One
  •     Connecting to the Why, Part Two

Session 3: The Elements of a Powerful Story

  •     Identifying Your Audience
  •     Choosing the Right Channels
  •     Connecting with the Audience
  •     What’s In It For Me?
  •     Making Connections
  •     Defining the Story’s Purpose
  •     What People Remember
  •     The Potential of Stories
  •     Transformation
  •     The Structure of Stories
  •     Making Your Structure Solid
  •     The Persuasive Story Pattern
  •     Developing the Story’s Content
  •     Creating a Catalog
  •     Case Study
  •     Questions

Session 4: Storyboarding Techniques

  •     Storyboarding the Old-Fashioned Way
  •     Sample Storyboarding Form
  •     Additional Approaches
  •     Storyboarding with Apps
  •     Sample Tools
  •     Collaborating with Others
  •     Animated Presentations
  •     Case Study

Session 5: Bringing the Story to Life

  •     Graphic Design 101
  •     Signal vs. Noise
  •     Case Studies
  •     Turning Down the Noise
  •     Going Beyond the Basics
  •     Flow
  •     Contrast
  •     White Space
  •     Unity
  •     Data Overload
  •     Choosing the Right Medium for Your Message
  •     Trainer’s Tip
  •     Making Connections
  •     Being Presentable
  •     Taking Your Visual Storytelling to the Next Level
  •     Avoid the Rush
  •     Practice on Camera in Slide Show Mode
  •     Be Deliberate About Being Memorable

Session 6: Tools and Technology

  •     Software Tools
  •     Haiku Deck
  •     eLearning Approaches
  •     Articulate Products
  •     Case Study
  •     Adobe Captivate
  •     Gamification
  •     The Growth of Gamers
  •     Applying Gamification to eLearning
  •     Relying on Technology
  •     Making Connections

A Personal Action Plan

  •     Starting Point
  •     Where I Want to Go
  •     How I Will Get There

Course 4 - Making Training Stick

Session 1: Course Overview

  •     Learning Objectives
  •     Pre-Assignment

Session 2: Five Strategies for Stickiness!

  •     Background Information
  •     The Five Strategies

Session 3: Designing a Program That Will Stick

  •     Building Support for your Program
  •     Think Ahead
  •     Reflect
  •     Writing Learning Objectives
  •     Why Display or Share Objectives?
  •     How Do You Write Objectives?
  •     Focusing on Results
  •     What is Measurable?

Session 4: Teaching Tips and Tricks

  •     The Four Steps in Experiential Learning
  •     Making Connections
  •     The Principles of Adult Learning
  •     Tying Learning to Work
  •     Adults vs. Children

Session 5: What Method is the Stickiest?

  •     Developing Training That is Sticky

Session 6: Following Up

  •     Seven Points for any Follow-Up Program
  •     Additional Points
  •     The Buddy System and Delegating Follow-Up
  •     Follow-up or Folly?

Session 7: Strategies for Taking Training Further

  •     Mentorship Programs
  •     Trainee Trains Others

Session 8: A Personal Action Plan

  •     Starting Point
  •     Where I Want to Go
  •     How I Will Get There

Course 5 - Survival Skills for the New Trainer

Session 1: Course Overview

  •     Learning Objectives
  •     Pre-Assignment: What Makes a Good Trainer?

Session 2: What Makes a Good Trainer?

  •     What is a Trainer?
  •     Pre-Assignment Review
  •     Adult Learning

Session 3: Personal Best, Professional Best

  •     Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  •     Tips for Looking Professional
  •     Making Connections

Session 4: Being Genuine

  •     Making Connections
  •     Examples of Being Genuine

Session 5: Assertiveness Skills

  •     Understanding Assertiveness
  •     Aggressive Behavior
  •     Manipulative or Passive-Aggressive Behavior
  •     Passive Behavior
  •     Assertive Behavior

Session 6: Asking the Right Questions

  •     Asking Good Questions: Types of Questions
  •     Improving Communication with Questions
  •     Types of Open-Ended Questions
  •     Probing
  •     Pushing My Buttons

Session 7: Listening Skills

  •     Can You Hear Me?
  •     Active Listening Skills
  •     Responding to Feelings
  •     Reading Cues
  •     Demonstration Cues
  •     Tips for Becoming a Better Listener
  •     What is Said and What is Heard

Session 8: Connecting with People

  •     Rapport Building
  •     Facilitative Training: Key Differences
  •     Other Methods to Consider
  •     Thinking Outside the Box
  •     The Tipping Point
  •     A Shift in Training
  •     Do I Have What it Takes?

Session 9: Defusing Difficult Participants

  •     Making Connections

Session 10: Essentials for Success

  •     What Makes a Good Trainer?

Session 11: Do’s and Don’ts for New Trainers

  •     Do
  •     Don’t

A Personal Action Plan

  •     Starting Point
  •     Where I Want to Go
  •     How I Will Get There



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  • 12 months tutor support
  • Email student support with any questions you have about the course
  • Tutor Support gives you the benefit of two-way conversation on any of the topics covered

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