Portable Car Shower Set!

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Portable Car Shower Set
Pay QR69 instead of QR109


  • Wash your car & your pets, water the lawn or even take a mini shower at the beach or while camping!
  • One end can be easily connected to the cigarette lighter socket, which will work as a power source for the motor
  • Has a standard plug that fits any 12V car cigarette socket
  • The other end should be immersed into a water source (bucket, sink, or bag filled with water)
  • The water is automatically pumped through the pipe & comes out from the showerhead
  • The on/off switch controls the water flow while the pressure adjuster on the showerhead lets you choose your desired water pressure
  • Comes with an emergency portable water bag & an S hook for added convenience
  • Available in 2 colors: Orange / Blue


Shower Pipe Length: 2m
Power Cable Length: 5m
Showerhead Size: 22cm x 6cm
Portable Water Bag Capacity: Up to 3L

Easy outdoor showers for up to 37% off!


 Portable Car Shower Set



Portable Car Shower Set orange

Portable Car Shower Set orange



Portable Car Shower Set blue

Portable Car Shower Set blue

Portable Car Shower Set blue

Portable Car Shower Set blue