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Option 1: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Divine
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • Created with the finest mink hairs, the Divine Luxury Mink Lash is a super lightweight addition to any look
  • Incredibly full, this unique lash flares out towards the outer edge for a wide-eyed, elegant result boosting both volume and length
  • Stackable and reusable (10-12 wears suggested use)


Option 2: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Opulence
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • If length is what you seek, length is what you will get with these super long and wispy lashes
  • Created to add a wide-eyed finish to your favorite look, these lashes are esigned with super fine mink hairs, these lightweight lashes sit seamlessly along the lash-line to deliver incomparable length and an effortless natural finish
  • Stackable and reusable (10-12 wears suggested use)


Option 3: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Caviar 
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • As seen on Christina Aguilera, the Caviar Lash is every star’s go-to red carpet lash
  • Designed to add a dramatic finish to every evening look, these ultra-black lashes include wispy fibers that blend naturally with your eyelash for a defined effect
  • Stackable and reusable (10-12 wears suggested use)


Option 4: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – J_Make_Up
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • Designed by celebrity makeup guru and Insta-Star @j_make_up, this lash mimics a natural lash formation
  • The J Makeup Luxury Mink Lash accentuates all eye shapes creating a wispy look; its unique criss-cross pattern works to blend seamlessly with your natural hairs for effortlessly flawless beauty
  • Reusable (20-25 years suggested use)


Option 5: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Brittany Bear
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • Designed by Makeup Artist and Insta-celeb Britanny Bear to complement her super-sultry eye looks, the Brittany Bear 3D Mink Lashes are an eye-catching essential
  • A bold set of lashes created to add depth and dimension to your eye looks, these uber glamorous lashes include V-shaped clusters along a true black band allowing you to achieve voluminous depth and enviable length
  • Reusable (20 wears suggested use) 


Option 6: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Alina
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • A feathery set of false lashes perfect for adding drama
  • Designed by Insta-star @makeupbyalinna, these lashes are perfect for adding a little drama to your everyday look
  • Reusable (20-25 wears suggested use)


Option 7: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – NYC
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • The perfect false lash for creating a flirty finish
  • Created to add a lightweight, fluttery style to your eye look, the NYC 3D Mink Lash is the embodiment of feminine glamor
  • With enviable length and an evenly distributed volume, the mink hairs achieve the illusion of a naturally fuller lash that will leave your friends in awe
  • Reusable (20-25 wears suggested use)


Option 8: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Cannes
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • A completely unique and effortlessly chic lash!
  • Unassuming at first, the Cannes 3D Mink Lash adds instant definition; the innovative variation of clusters combined with a jet-black band offers volume and depth exactly where needed
  • Reusable (20-25 wears suggested use)


Option 9: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Mykonos
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • A set of false lashes that add volume and depth
  • Designed to add enviable volume to any lash look, the Mykonos 3D Mink Lash is ideal for those whose want to take their eye look to the next level.
  • The unique design of interlacing V-shaped clusters creates seamlessly blended results, with a flirty, full finish
  • Reusable (20-25 years suggested use)


Option 10: Lilly Ghalichi Eyelashes – Miami 
Pay QR79 instead of QR160

  • An ultra-wispy set of false lashes, ideal for achieving an Insta-worthy finish; the Miami Lash has been seen on Kylie Jenner on the red carpet over and over!
  • This 3D Mink Lash is the perfect way to gain a seductive finish to your favorite glam moments
  • Ultra-long yet incredibly lightweight, these lashes sit seamlessly along the lash-line for a comfortable wear
  • Reusable (20-25 wears suggested use)

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