Mi Router AX1800!

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Mi Router AX1800
Pay QR209 instead of QR219


More powerful data processing, say goodbye to dropping connections and freezing:

  • This router is equipped with a Quad-core CPU & a Single-core NPU module that allow for 130% more computing power with 10% less CPU utilization even with 128 devices connected

Game with your friends while streaming 4K HD video:

  • Features a Single-core 1.5 GHz NPU (network acceleration engine) designed to process network data traffic with up to 21% higher throughput and 95% lower CPU utilization

More stable for long-term use:

  • Easier to integrate, consumes less power, generates 20% less heat, and is more stable than most 28 nm chips used in other routers

Smart home ready:

  • You can configure a Mi smart device with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app when you connect it to the Internet for the first time, so there’s no need to manually enter a password

Unparalleled speeds:

  • Up to 52% faster wireless speeds than mainstream AC1200 routers and up to 1775 Mbps dual-band concurrent wireless speeds with full Gigabit Ethernet ports, making full use of every megabit of bandwidth
  • When multiple devices need to transmit data, OFDMA technology allows the router to transmit data to eight devices in one go, reducing network latency by up to 66%
  • Features 4 external 5 dBi high-gain omni-directional antennas


4-way independent signal amplifier
Large 256 MB memory
Mesh networking
Fast WiFi6
Optimized for Mi Smart Home
Directional enhanced signal for greater coverage
Dramatically improved anti-interference capabilities
Automatically selects the best frequency
Next-generation WiFi security standards
Smoother Internet access for multiple users
Network protocols better suited for the 5G era

Say goodbye to internet lag for up to 5% off!


Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800

Mi Router AX1800