Nafahaat Room Fresheners!

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Nafahaat Room Fresheners
Pay QR40 instead of QR42


  • Fill your place with relaxing aromas and boost your mood with Nafahaat Room Fresheners! 
  • With 9 calming scents to choose from, go ahead and take your pick! Perfume


See below for details!

Make your place smell amazing for up to 5% off!



Option 1: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Eden – 300ml-N

  • Fresh green leaves entwine sturdy trees and burst into luminous flowers, invoking a sense of Paradise with this floral woody freshener; a true Eden at home, a true feeling of bliss

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Eden - 300ml-Ngd

Option 2: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Lailatul Khamis – 300ml-N

  • Fill every room with the warming yet fresh aromas of a dreamlike secret garden, Lailathul Khamis leaves a lovely trail with its ethereal and nature-warmed scents

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Lailatul Khamis - 300ml-Ngd

Option 3: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Eskada – 300ml-N

  • Ripe, juicy fruits mingle in a heady swirl with fragrant flowers, dispersing your home with a sumptuous feel

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Eskada - 300ml-Ngd

Option 4: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Exotique – 300ml-N

  • Invigorate your home with an exotic touch and bring in an impressive and luxurious quality to the room through this sublime fragrance

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Exotique - 300ml-Ngd

Option 5: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Duet – 300ml-N

  • Invigorate your home with a touch of the mysterious and create a romantic atmosphere

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Duet - 300ml-Ngd

Option 6: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Al-Majlis – 300ml-N

  • This specially formulated room freshener invokes a peaceful mood and welcomes all who enter with its harmonious scent

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Al-Majlis - 300ml-Ngd

Option 7: Nafahaat Room Freshener – By The Sea – 300ml-N

  • By the Sea captures the mood and attitude of the ocean with its invigorating blend of fresh and woody notes; the energizing effect gives the fragrance a lighthearted presence yet unique identity

Nafahaat Room Freshener - By The Sea - 300ml-Ngd

Option 8: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Serene Summer – 300ml-N

  • A fresh yet subtle fragrance that takes you to the lands of summer gardens where citrusy notes blend with the trace of ambery woody notes to provide you with a scent that relays happiness

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Serene Summer - 300ml-Ngd

Option 9: Nafahaat Room Freshener – Aura Devine – 300ml-N

  • An extravagant fragrance with underlying hints of floral notes and a smooth base of musky woody notes which add warmth and depth to the fragrance

Nafahaat Room Freshener - Aura Devine - 300ml-N