Plugo STEM Wiz 3 - Spell, Count & More!

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ONE Pack of Plugo STEM Wiz 3
Pay QR395 instead of QR4590


  • SHIFU PLUGO 3-in-1: This pack combines the goodness of three AR-powered STEM kits to give your kid the ultimate learning experience! These include Plugo Count to learn math, Plugo Letters to spell and learn new words, and Plugo Link to solve puzzles with magnetic blocks
  • Hands-on learning and healthy screen-time guaranteed with story-based challenges, watch the video to catch them all in action!
  • Perfect for kids ages 4-10yrs: The Plugo app has 15 interactive games and 750+ levels that make learning super fun, no in-app purchases! More importantly, the app adapts these games to the child’s grade from pre-K to Grade 4 for a progressive educational journey
  • STEM, STEAM & everything in between: The only educational toy your little ones will need! This pack will Sharpen your child’s counting, arithmetic, linguistic, comprehension, problem-solving, and fine-motor skills; the Plugo 3-in-1 pack works to spark STEAM skills, especially math, engineering and linguistic abilities!
  • In the box: The pack contains 3 Plugo kits (Count, Link, and Letters) and 1 Plugo Gamepad; the gamepad is a foldable mat that holds your device that goes in the slot on one side; it has a play area on the other side with embedded magnets to place and play with the Plugo kits one-by-one
  • Companion AppDownload the Plugo app from App Store or Play Store for free and get started!


NOTE: The pack does NOT include a smartphone/tablet

64% off the ultimate learning companion!


Plugo STEM Wiz 3

Plugo STEM Wiz 3

Plugo STEM Wiz 3

Plugo STEM Wiz 3

Plugo STEM Wiz 3